About Us

Chhuttani Medical Centre

Situated in the heart of the city of Chandigarh (Sector 17), Chhuttani Medical Center (C.M.C.) a Multispeciality Hospital is a perfect example of dedication, sincerity and commitment towards forwarding the cause of humaneness and helping the needy. With these virtues Late Prof.P.N.Chuttani ,former Director of PGIMER established the first private multi-speciality hospital in Chandigarh in April, 1979. Prof Chuttani donated all his personal properties and formed the TTVCC trust and left no stone unturned to make his dream a reality of serving the people of the city and the adjoining state.


The Board of trustees headed by Prof IC Pathak have been maintaining the high standards and values set out by the Founder with full dedication and commitment for the last 25 years.

CMC provides patient care of the highest order in various disciplines of Medicine and Surgery which includes General Medicine, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Dermatology (Skin), General Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, Ear Nose Throat Surgery, Oncology (Cancer) and Neurosurgical problems.

Consultants with vast clinical experience, in various specialties are working with the CMC hospital. The Hospital is famous for its management of both medical and surgical specialties. CMC has two well equipped state of the art Operation Theatres with facilities for all kinds of operations including but not limited to Laparoscopic Surgery, replacement of hip and knee joints, spine surgery, paediatric and ENT surgeries. The Centre has its own fully computerized diagnostic clinical laboratory where all kinds of Haematological, Biochemistry, Microbiological and Histopathological tests are carried out.

The indoor facilities of the Hospital provide well equipped air- conditioned rooms at affordable costs. Excellent patient care is provided by trained Resident Doctors and Nursing Staff round the clock.
There is an inhouse provision of the Pharmacy. Hospital also gives concession to all Senior Citizens and the poor patients.

Why Choose Chhuttani Medical Centre?

  • It is the oldest hospital of the tricity, following the great values and traditions set by its founder and the Managing Trustee Prof P.N.Chhuttani , ex Director PGI Chandigarh. 
  • The hospital renders the best medical care by the leading experts who have worked in PGI at an affordable price. 
  • The hospital provides genuine second opinion to patients in difficult clinical scenarios. 
  • Known for its reputation of making correct diagnosis, patients from all the adjoining states have been utilising the services of CMC since 1973.
  • Excellent patient care of the indoor patients by our well trained, conscientious and dedicated nursing staff.
  • Committed and devoted staff takes care of the cleanliness of the hospital 24 x 7.